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Durban City College Independent High School has an exceptional tradition of learning supported by dedicated, experienced staff and enthusiastic learners. As demand of quality education increase, it has become more apparent that we need to assist one another that our learners reach their potential.
Durban City College Independent High School conducive environment for learning creates a space for learners to develop and elites of tomorrow. In a continent with uncertainty we need to equip the youth with a lethal weapon which is education to change the world into a better place.
Our learners, parents and teachers work together in an extended environment to ensure success for all. We believe it is everyone’s obligation to empower children with necessary skills for them to become the academic and socially responsible people who will take on the 21st century with boldness.


– EMIS NO: 500504680

– SDP1223/19/00110

– ETDP011334

– SDP1223/20/00102

0% fees increase in 2021

  • Maximum 20 Learners per class
  • Conducive environment for learning
  • Affordable Tuition fees.
  • 2 learners share a room for social distancing

We are dedicated to a continuing tradition of excellence in an ever-changing world. Within a safe and supportive environment, we provide a relevant, high-quality education and prepare our diverse student body for future endeavors. We honor achievement and promote pride in ourselves, in our school, and in our community.

We strive to prepare all students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens ready to meet the challenges of the future. In partnership with families and community, our goal is to create relevant learning opportunities for students — both inside and outside the classroom — that help them develop the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and character necessary to succeed in a technologically advanced world. We honor quality and enable students to perform at their highest level of ability.




Grade 8-10

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Grade 11-12

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Health Promotion Officer

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Early Childhood Development

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Business Studies

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Hospitality Occupational Chef

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Computer Studies (I.T)

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